by Kestral Gaian

Creature of habit.
Normality consumes you
‘Til the sun last sets.

Travel and stillness. Material objects and abstract creation. Counterweights, Kestral Gaian’s first solo collection, is a look into the duality of the world around us.

Split into three sections – Concavity, Convexity, and Complexity – and with recurrent themes of illness and beauty living side-by-side, this book explores the ideas of love being helpless, humanity being destructive, and of change being a constant companion to us all.

Kestral Gaian is a transgender author, playwright, poet, and performer from the United Kingdom. She is currently represented by Reconnecting Rainbows Press for literary works, with a new book called ‘Twenty-Eight’ due for release in February 2023. Her stage credits include musical theatre, opera, and plays. She has a voice acting portfolio spanning video games, animation, and corporate work. Behind the scenes she has worked in production, management, and video mixing at a pre- and post-production level.

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