by Kestral Gaian

“I can’t trust my own mind, or my memory, so I’m writing all of this down…. there’s been a murder in this town and I’m determined to get to the bottom of it.”

Aaron Grayling hates summer. It’s a time of heat, humidity, and bad dreams. They seem to have been getting worse recently, and the lack of sleep is starting to make him feel like he has no life of his own… until the fateful day he finds a diary in the woods.

Penned by a mysterious stranger, it hints at a shadowy world of murder that seems too true to be ignored. Can Aaron stop the crimewave from hitting Meriville before it’s too late? And what do his dreams have to do with all of this?

Hidden Lives is a powerful story of friendship, loss, and staying true to who you are against all odds.

Kestral Gaian is a transgender author, playwright, poet, and performer from the United Kingdom. She is currently represented by Reconnecting Rainbows Press for literary works, with a new book called ‘Twenty-Eight’ due for release in February 2023. Her stage credits include musical theatre, opera, and plays. She has a voice acting portfolio spanning video games, animation, and corporate work. Behind the scenes she has worked in production, management, and video mixing at a pre- and post-production level.

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