TransVerse III: Transcendence.

Words of Faith, Hope and Authenticity.

In response to anti-trans theologies and ongoing resistance to bans on so-called ‘conversion therapy’, Reconnecting Rainbows Press is launching a new call for submissions.

Transcendence: Words of Faith, Love and Authenticity (expected publication March 2023) will be a unique resource book for individuals and faith groups. It will include affirming meditations, liturgies and hymns from diverse spiritual and religious traditions, as well as poems and personal stories, by trans and non-binary writers.

We’re particularly keen to hear from Black, Brown and Indigenous writers (and other people with lived experience of racism), neurodiverse folks, and those with disabilities.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What does your religious or spiritual practice involve?  How has it changed after coming out?
  • What (or who) helps you to show up as your authentic self in a faith / spirituality context? 
  • As a society, how can we bring an end to the spiritual abuse of trans and non-binary people? 
  • How can we move from ‘tolerance’ to real affirmation and celebration of gender diversity?
  • What would you like non-affirming faith communities to know?


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