Transverse: We Won’t Be Erased!

The original publication from Reconnecting Rainbows Press, TransVerse is an anthology of poetry and song lyrics by 26 transgender and non-binary writers living in the United Kingdom, Kenya and the United States. Sick of media misrepresentation and attempts to erase us from public life in both the UK and the USA, we’re speaking up in our own words now.

From established singers and spoken word artists to teenagers writing their first poems, and from traditional rhyme patterns to free verse, this book showcases the diversity, creativity and resilience of the trans community. We share our experiences of living our truth, coping with dysphoria and body changes, facing transphobia from the media or our families, battling anxiety and depression… and sometimes discovering that ‘on the other side of darkness there’s a dawn where hope begins / on the other side of hatred there’s a Love that always wins’. There’s even a whole chapter that has nothing to do with transitioning at all, because we aren’t defined by our gender, any more than you are. #TransPeopleArePeople #PoetryIsPower #WeWontBeErased

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